Congratulations to our Newly Elected Board Members!

Join us in welcoming our newly elected board members who will begin their terms in July 2020!

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President-Elect: Christie Jenkins

She/Her/Hers Pronouns

Dr. Christie Jenkins, PhD, LPCC, S, NCC is a Core Faculty Member at Walden University and CEO of the Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center. She has been in clinical practice for 16 years in inner-city, non-profit, community mental health. Her research and professional interests center on interpersonal violence, Animal Assisted Therapy, and LGBTQI+ concerns. She has 25 years experience working in the helping profession with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. She is currently training her dog, Bob-the Beagle to be a certified AAT dog. He will work with child survivors of abuse and their non-offending caregivers at the Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center.


Trustee of Membership & State Branches: Stacy Speedlin Gonzalez, LPC, LCDC, NCC

She/Her/Hers Pronouns

Dr. Speedlin Gonzalez is currently an Assistant Visiting Professor at the University of Texas of San Antonio where she teaches the crisis, grief and trauma course and the biopsychosocial aspects of addiction course. Additionally, Dr. Speedlin Gonzalez has a small private practice where she sees clients with substance use disorders, LGB, trans and nonbinary clients.  Dr. Speedlin Gonzalez has been published multiple times in peer-reviewed journals on the topics of addiction, mentorship, LGBTQ clients and their needs, and how social media impacts relational connectivity.  Dr. Speedlin Gonzalez also co-authored five book chapters on addiction in a medical book that serves as an educational textbook for medical doctors.  Dr. Speedlin Gonzalez is passionate about mentoring LGBTQ+ students and serving her local LGBTQ+ community.


Krystian Robinson, M.S., NCC

He/Him/His pronouns

Kristian Robinson, M.S., NCC  is currently a doctoral student at Virginia Commonwealth University studying Counselor Education and Supervision. His research focuses on the mental health, identity development, and leadership development of LGBTQ+ youth on college and university campuses. Additionally, Kristian has a passion for researching and creating more adaptive and responsive methods for equipping counselors-in-training with the tools necessary to best serve the ever-evolving LGBTQ+ population. He was the recipient of the 2018 NBCC Minority Fellowship in which he utilized to create and implement an impact plan focused on improving counseling services for LGBTQ+ college students and youth. He is a gay male of color, dog-dad, partner, and captain within Stonewall Sports.


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2020 Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is underway! You can read about the Committee, read up on our progress, or take the survey in the area on which we are currently working.

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Our division of the American Counseling Association is a home for Queer and Trans Counselors, Ally Counselors, and Advocates to connect and grow.

Our focus is on building competence for all mental health specialists so that all LGBTGEQIAP+ individuals can find a safe and affirming space to heal.

We promote research and education that furthers the counseling field in working with LGBTGEQIAP+ people of intersecting identities.

We mentor new professionals and emerging leaders in the field of counseling LGBTGEQIAP+ clients.

We connect and work closely with ACA and other ACA divisions in order to promote multicultural competence and social justice. We advocate for LGBTGEQIAP+ clients in communities, mental health systems, and public policy.


LGBTGEQIAP+ Initialism

Learn about the initials that we use to describe the communities that we serve.

Guiding Values

Our guiding values are shaped by our commitment to multicultural and social justice, advocacy, inclusion, liberation, and celebration of all of our identities.

Advocacy Work

We are committed to putting our values into practice. We continually advocate for Queer and Trans people at the individual, group, community, institutional, state, and national level.


Our Multicultural and Social Justice Trustee is an elected board member who creates safe and affirming networking spaces for QTPOC at the ACA and ALGBTIC conferences. They also lead the Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) committee that serves as an advisory council to the Board.

News and Upcoming Events!

August 30, 2019  12:00 PM EST      Webinar Words Can Hurt: Staying Competent in LGBTQIAPG+ Terminology

April 16-19 2020  ACA Conference

April 19, 2020       Rainbow Run

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