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Access our resources available to the public on some basic concepts related to working with Queer and Trans populations!

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2020 Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is underway! You can read about the Committee, read up on our progress, or take the survey in the area on which we are currently working.

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Become a Member of ALGBTIC to receive access to all resources in order to improve your competence with LGBTGEQIAP+ clients. Benefits include opportunities to network with other like-minded professionals, researchers, and pioneers in LGBTGEQIAP+ social justice and advocacy, reduced prices for educational webinars and biennual ALGBTIC conferences.

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How do you work competently in counseling with Queer and Trans People? How do you incorporate intersecting identities, like ethnicity, religion, disability, socio-economic status, and immigration status?

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Become an advocate and leader in the field of counseling LGBTGEQIAP+ clients by volunteering with ALGBTIC through service on our various committees, participating in events, or consider running for a place on the Board.


Our division of the American Counseling Association is a home for Queer and Trans Counselors, Ally Counselors, and Advocates to connect and grow.

Our focus is on building competence for all mental health specialists so that all LGBTGEQIAP+ individuals can find a safe and affirming space to heal.

We promote research and education that furthers the counseling field in working with LGBTGEQIAP+ people of intersecting identities.

We mentor new professionals and emerging leaders in the field of counseling LGBTGEQIAP+ clients.

We connect and work closely with ACA and other ACA divisions in order to promote multicultural competence and social justice. We advocate for LGBTGEQIAP+ clients in communities, mental health systems, and public policy.


LGBTGEQIAP+ Initialism

In an effort to make the initialism inclusive of multiple identities and to be stated with increased ease, rather than add repeated letters, we have included multiple identities within each letter. With the recognition that no abbreviation of our communities' identities are perfect, this is not intended to disrespect any identity, but rather to provide the most inclusive initialism as a starting point to discuss and advocate for our shared communities' identities and rights and our individual identities.

  • L = Lesbian
  • G = Gay
  • B = Bisexual
  • T = Trans, Transgender; & Two-Spirit (2S; Native Identity)
  • GE = Gender Expansive
  • Q = Queer; & Questioning
  • I = Intersex
  • A = Agender; Asexual & Aromantic
  • P = Pansexual; Pan/Polygender; & Poly Relationship Systems
  • + = We continue to be Inclusive of Other Related Identities by Being Committed to Ever-Expanding, Learning, & Growing the Acronym and Our Understanding of These Identities

Guiding Values

Our guiding values are shaped by our commitment to multicultural and social justice, advocacy, inclusion, liberation, and celebration of all of our identities.

Advocacy Work

We are committed to putting our values into practice. We continually advocate for Queer and Trans people at the individual, group, community, institutional, state, and national level.


Our Multicultural and Social Justice Trustee is an elected board member who creates safe and affirming networking spaces for QTPOC at the ACA and ALGBTIC conferences. They also lead the Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) committee that serves as an advisory council to the Board.

News and Upcoming Events!

August 30, 2019  12:00 PM EST      Webinar Words Can Hurt: Staying Competent in LGBTQIAPG+ Terminology

April 16-19 2020  ACA Conference

April 19, 2020       Rainbow Run

ALGBTIC is a Division of the American Counseling Association